Wellspring Director

Jeff Rogers was ordained as a Christian minister in 1983, but has worked as a professional photographer for over 32 years. Over the last dozen years, he has had an increasing hunger and desire to pray for hurting people. He has a passion to see people be made whole (spiritually, emotionally and physically) as well as to train others to pray for hurting people.

Jeff began his education about healing prayer through Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, FL and has also been influenced greatly by Dr. Charles Kraft, with his work related to deep inner healing and deliverance ministry.

His desire and calling is to help bridge the gap between the evangelical and the charismatic churches, by merging the strengths of these two streams through the power of the Word and the Spirit. To date, Wellspring has about 30 active prayer ministers who come from a dozen or so churches/denominations that meet in unity to pray in the name of Jesus.

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