“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Galatians 5:1

“Deeper Wells” is for those who have already accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior but still struggle with strongholds and maybe even addictions that negatively affect their life. Many christians believe that once they are saved, past wounds and consequences from mistakes get swept away, yet they still wrestle with things of the past, as well as behaviors of the present. They feel like they are kind of stuck and intimacy with Christ seems to be elusive.

What we need, says inner healing expert Dr. Charles Kraft, is deep-level healing: healing for our whole person—spirit, body, mind, emotions and will.

“Deeper Wells” ministry time is led by Holy Spirit and based on Dr. Kraft’s prayer model mentioned in his book, “Two Hours to Freedom.” For a few years, we have used Dr Kraft’s deep level healing model and many have successfully benefited from this life changing opportunity. We also recommend reading Neil Anderson’s book, “The Bondage Breaker.” It is important that you are familiar with the process so you can be better prepared to receive all that God has for you in pursuing deep inner healing.

Once you experience true freedom, you will find the intimacy with Jesus that you desire, and you’ll be equipped to help others find this freedom as well. These sessions are by appointment only and there is usually a waiting list. Interested participants are required to have received ministry on a Monday night of prayer before signing up for a “Deeper Wells” session.

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