Prayer Ministry


We follow the Healing Rooms model of praying for the sick, two or three caring prayer team members to pray for you in a private and comfortable setting, as directed by Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Upon your arrival to our reception area, you will be given a form to identify your prayer needs. Soon after, you will be invited by the prayer team to a private room for prayer. The prayer sessions last about 20-30 minutes. All prayer sessions are held in the strictest of confidence. You will experience the presence of God’s love as you receive prayer. You may also receive healing in whole or in part, immediately or progressively, as you return for further sessions. You are welcome to come again until you receive complete healing.

What to Expect

A two to three member team of caring, trained volunteers will pray with you for your specific need.  Those praying for you are ordinary people who will be the first to tell you they have no special powers, but they do have a heart of love and a strong faith in God.  Simply stated, they are acting as a conduit of God’s love when they pray for you.  The 20-30 minute prayer sessions are held in the privacy of one of the prayer rooms located within the Prayer Center.  All sessions are confidential.  No appointments are necessary.  Dress is casual.  No fees are charged.

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